School of Health Sciences & Research (SHSR) was commenced in the year 2010, under IST, in Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada.
Two unique Post graduate degree courses (MS), namely Sports Technology & Health Sciences and Environmental Occupational Health & Safety have been conducting in this department.

School of Health Sciences and Research at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTUK) Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India commenced two Post Graduate MS Programs. These unique programs are Environmental Occupational Health and Safety and Sports Technology and Health Sciences (Sports Medicine) to meet the day to day requirements and train the safety professionals and Sports emergency and rehabilitation. MS Sports Technology and Health Sciences is started in the year 2010 and MS Environmental Occupational Health & Safety in year 2012. These two programs are full time with four semesters or two years duration where the last semester is for project work.

MS Environmental Occupational Health & Safety two years or four semester post graduate program. It is designed to give ample knowledge and practical experience to the students from day one. Out of four semesters, three are academic course (core subjects) and the 4th semester is completely dedicated to project work for 5 months period. In the second and third semesters students are going to factories as observers in the morning time, and attend the theory classes post Lunch. Every Saturday including second Saturday day of the week each student will present Power point presentations of the topics what they learned in that particular week.

The last semester will be Project work dedicated for five months where most of the work will be onsite of the assigned Factory or work place. The professional Guides in the faculty will guide the student the day one of his/her project work. Each student has one guide in the factory where he /she are assigned. Usually the senior safety manager foresees the day to day work of the student onsite. The factory guide and the academic guide in the university also communicate about the students progress of the project work. Each week the students have the meeting with the assigned guide in the University and evaluate the progress of the project.  In the sixth month the students will have Final Examination.

This program is going to train experts in Occupational Health & Safety to solve the day to day needs of the Industry in the state as well as in the country. Our Department have well qualified Teaching faculty with thirty Plus years of Industry Experience. We have the state of the art Laboratory to perform different tests needed to the students and to fulfill the needs of the Industry.   This department is offering consultancy services in the Occupational Health, Medicine, Hygiene and Health care to the Industry and to the needed population.