Dr. Prasad P.S, MD, MPH, Ph.D. (USA) was Born in Vijayawada, Krishna District
Andhra Pradesh, India in the year 1948. Presently Living in California, USA and in India (Kakinada)

Dr. Prasad is the Internist, Occupational Health specialist and owned four Occupational Health centers in USA. Occupational Health Consultancy in USA including GE etc companies. The stringent laws of CAL OSHA which are well known to our day to day operations with many companies where as an Occupational Consultant he fulfilled the land mark success and client satisfaction by modifying fewer Laws in the California State with respect to OccupationalHealth, Safety, Risk and disaster management to all the industries pertinent to Industrial Hygiene.

Apart from Occupational Health Dr. Prasad Did PG (MPH) in Environmental Health science and SPORTS MEDICINE, & Ph. D in Public Health & Preventive Medicine.

Dr. P.S. Prasad is planning to commence Integrated Rural Health scheme for Rural and Tribal Population in India where 75% population is living in the Villages without proper Health care.

Dr.Prasad is the Believer of Fitness, Nutrition and Hygiene are essential components for good Health clubbed with Alternative Medicine. The above said programs clubbed with Telemedicine where the Rural Health is going to be developed to reduce the Health care cost by applying High Tech Health care schemes.

Very few Indians have Post graduation in Medicine and Ph.D. And none in India have this kind of opportunity and Dr. Prasad is wishing many MD, Ph D professionals are needed to do research in India in the coming years. This can be achieved only by commencing the School of Public Health what is now lacking in India particularly in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

Not only Practicing Medicine but also developed entrepreneur qualities and created jobs in USA for 287 Indian IT workers.

Community development and took in-charge of AYSO( all youth Soccer) in the state of California.
Helped Indian Government by promoting Foreign Exchange transfer from American Indian community, when India was in the crises with low of Foreign exchange.

After 30 plus years of Practice Dr. Prasad moved to India and commenced Bio Technology lab and manufactured diagnostic kits for HIV, HBC HCV.
Presently Dr. Prasad is the professor &Program director for the School of Health Sciences and Research at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTUK), Kakinada, A.P, India.

Dr. Prasad is instrumental in commenced two M.S. PG Programs, SportsTechnolohy and Health Sciences (Sports Medicine) and Environmental – Occupational Health and Safety first time in India under the  School of Health Sciences and Research at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada(JNTUK)


  • MBBS(Medicine and Surgery),  RMC, Andhra University, India. 1977
  • P.G, Fellow ship Training LLU, California, USA1978- 1980
  • P.G Specialty Training in Occupational Health, Loma Linda University, CA., USA1992
  • Master of Public Health (MPH), Major in Environmental and Health Administration.1995
  • Ph. D. in Preventive Medicine, Ashford University, London, UK1995.


  • Program Director, School of Health Sciences & Research JNTU (K).
  • Started NRI Development Org. in India. Developing Health care/Medical Tourism.
  • Honorary Occupational Health Consultant/ Coordinator to IMS, Government of A.P, Hyderabad.
  • Research work on Anti-Retroviral Medication studies on HIV/AIDS.
  • Genetic Studies on HIV Positive Clients in association with Quantum Labs, USA
  • Expert in Public Health and Preventive medicine, consultant to the County Government, CA, USA.

Past Experience:

  • Over Thirty five plus years of Health care experience in USA Taking care of Patient Management in Occupational Health.
  • Own Clinics and treating patients with Occupational Health Problems.
  • General  Practice and specialization in Occupational & Environmental Health , Women and Child Health
  • Occupational Health Consultant: US Health Care Group Clinics. Duties include   evaluating claims from workmen compensation cases.
  • Environmental Health specialist: Working with county Health department. Duties include all environmental Health related survey, women and child Health. Patient Care, Evaluation of Patient Injury, Health and Safety.
  • Teach the Health and Patient care ergonomics, Health and safety, Risk management to employees pertinent to work related Health care problems.
  • Conducted survey of 300 employees working at Food Supermarket and conducted Health Seminars.
  • Managed Obesity, Hypertension, and Diabetes and Preventive Care clinics.
  • Occupational Health Consultant to Major Industries in the state of California, USA.

Academic Achievements:

  • Secondary Smoke Inhalation Related Adverse Effects on Elderly Population.
  • Paper presented  on Ozone and Out Door Air Pollution., International Health conference 1980
  • Publication on Ozone and Water Purification and bacterial Remediation, WHO conference, Geneva, 1982
  • Publication related to water borne diseases, Indoor air Pollution and Lung Diseases, International conference Lectures at Frankfurt, Germany, 1982
  • Initiated Rehabilitation Program for Leprosy/HIV
  • Worked as vice president,  Endocrine Technologies, USA as clinical Research Director.
  • Study on Mold and Related Health impact on Lung and related diseases. ( Mold is Gold).
  • US National Domestic Preparedness Program On Emergency Response on Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Provider Certification given by Federal Government of USA
  • Expertise in Disaster Management program certified by US Government.
  • Hazmat certificate.
  • Patent obtained on developing Donut seat for Truck Drivers to prevent Hemorrhoids.
  • Developed medicine for psoriasis a deadly skin disease.


  • American Medical Association
  • India Medical Association
  • California Occupational Health and Safety Org., CA,USA
  • National Occupational Health and safety Org., USA
  • American Academy of Occupational& Environmental Health, USA
  • International Medical &Health Management society, UK.
  • International Ozone association, USA
  • International Medical science Academy, USA, and India
  • Indo American Democratic Organization, USA

Future Plans in India: 

  • The following are very few of the Future Items what are needed to India.
  • To develop a state of the art Health City for Medical Tourism, Teli Medicine, Med school with world class Hospital and added complimentary Medicine Facilities.
  • To Commence School of Public Health with complete academics and sub branches of Public Health with allied health which is not yet started in India so far.
  • Health Education and Health Promotion is the main concept of Rural and Tribal Health development in India and by applying the above said promotions 90 % of the diseases are controlled and as a result the cost of Health is saved to the public and in-turn to the Nation.
  • Development of Rural Health and Tribal Health programs as well as Woman and Child Health, as most of the population living in these two Geographical areas in India are suffering due to lack of Facilities.
  • Start Occupational Health, Medicine, Industrial Hygiene (IH), and safety training facilities all over India provided the Government of India will give the required support.
  • Create Many Jobs by enhancing and expanding Rural Health by his new program INTEGRATED BIO MOLICULAR MEDICINE AND HEALTH which is cost effective.
  • To provide Fitness and Rehab centers in the Rural areas.
  • Start Bio-Nano-stem cell Technology centers in India, where India is not yet commenced the TRIO Labs. Develop Nano Medicines, Nano Foods and Nano Products in day to day life.
  • Now developing a Pilot project at JNTUK for the segregation of solid waste management which is the future Role model for all the states in India.

Books in Pipe Line Titled as:

    • The America I lived and witnessed
    • The History of Medicine in India and its Importance.
    • I am inventing my India
    • Fitness and  Nutrition for Better Health & Longevity
    • Swachh Bharat.